What’s So Wrong With Teacher Tenure?

Not #highered but all educators “AreInThisTogether

Lady Economist

Those terrible, no good, very bad tenured teachers have been in the spotlight again. In Vergara v. California, teacher tenure protections have been effectively outlawed in California in the name of education equality. In a far-stretched argument, Silicon Valley millionaire-backed Students Matter claim that teacher tenure protections are to blame for the poor quality public education available to students in low-income areas. Their argument is based on ineffective tenured teachers being overrepresented in low-income areas with poor performing schools. While, yes, this may be true on the whole, their argument misrepresents and misunderstands a lot of the statistics and studies about what makes public education high quality or not.

It’s easy to blame teacher tenure policy for the existence of bad teachers and the perceived downfall of the great American public education project. (Heck, it seems easy for people to blame union-backed workplace protections for all the ills of today’s…

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About @NatM4Equity

The National Mobilization for Equity is a coalition of organizations committed to alleviating the present staffing crisis in higher education: three-quarters of the teaching jobs in American colleges are held by underpaid, precarious and poorly-supported contingent faculty. Our long-term goal is to end contingency as the norm. The current untenable situation not only adversely affects all faculty members, both contingent and tenure-track, it also negatively impacts our profession, our students and the quality of their education.

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