CASA weekly news 23/14

Australian casuals and more as CASA covers COCAL XI too. In the same spirit of global, NME is working on a page on casualized academic labor in other countries. Tentatively, it will be primarily an information clearinghouse and link portal. Needless to say, CASA will be prominently featured (and link list cribbed) ~ but, should go without saying, still re-blogged


Hello and welcome to a quick round up of news that has some bearing on casualisation in Australian universities.

This week’s keynote event in Australia was the Minister’s speech to the National Press Club, which has been widely shared and thought about. You can read the speech in print form here, watch it here to hear the questions and answers, and see a follow-up television interview here.

The national reform debate has a strong focus on benefits and risks of deregulation to undergraduate students. So there’s quite a bit said about both teaching and cost, and more or less nothing about staffing, which is key to both. This is why it’s important also to keep an eye on standards for accrediting higher education providers, and means of measuring quality teaching. If both of these fall silent on the proportion of academics in an institution hired on casual or short-term contracts, this suggests pretty…

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About @NatM4Equity

The National Mobilization for Equity is a coalition of organizations committed to alleviating the present staffing crisis in higher education: three-quarters of the teaching jobs in American colleges are held by underpaid, precarious and poorly-supported contingent faculty. Our long-term goal is to end contingency as the norm. The current untenable situation not only adversely affects all faculty members, both contingent and tenure-track, it also negatively impacts our profession, our students and the quality of their education.

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