National Adjunct Action Week

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National Adjunct Action Week, February 23-27, 2015

National Mobilization for Equity (NME), a national coalition of unions and other organizations representing over seven million members, endorses National Adjunct Action Week (NAAW), which will take place across the country February 23-27, 2015.

NME strongly supports collective action throughout this week, which may take many forms. Adjuncts and their allies will develop varied strategies to end the abuse and exploitation of contingent academic labor in higher education. For one list of ideas on a range of possible actions and activities, click here. Other activities will be posted in coming months.

The National Mobilization for Equity endorses the National Adjunct Walkout Day, scheduled for February 25, 2015, with the proviso that NME does not support, encourage or condone anyone violating state laws, e.g., the so-called Taylor Law in New York State. Please check your own state labor codes, which are public information and online.

Walking Boot


by Ann Kottner to David Weil, Director, Wage and Hour Division, DoL

Open an investigation into the labor practices of our colleges and universities in the employment of contingent facultyIn light of your recent appointment to the Wage and Hour Division and your policy change of targeting investigations toward industries and sectors rather than just addressing individual complaints, we the undersigned (see petition) are writing to urge you to open an investigation into the labor practices of our colleges and universities in the employment of contingent faculty, including adjunct instructors and full-time contract faculty outside the tenure-track.  (Submitted July 10, 2014)

Editor’s Note: This petition had been withdrawn but is open again.

May Day 2014

PSC, 2014 mayday02

New York City unions joined with immigrant and community organizations on Thurs, May 1 for an energetic May Day rally at City Hall. PSC members were there on the international workers’ holiday to demand a new contract with the City and better pay and working conditions for academia’s low-wage workers, adjunct faculty. As part of a national mobilization called May Day $5K, adjuncts represented by the PSC met up with adjuncts from SUNY and Pace University at the May Day rally to demanded a minimum starting salary of $5,000 per course for adjuncts. MORE

UUP MayDay $5K May 1 Update

On May 1, UUP members stand up to support equitable pay for part-time and full-time contingent faculty. Participating chapters include New Paltz, Empire State in Manhattan, SUNY Cortland, Oswego, and Oneonta.


Map of Campus Resistance in 2014 (US), CACHE

A documentation of higher ed uprisings, sit-ins, strikes, protests, unionizations by outspoken campus workers who fight against neoliberal mismanagement of education, a public right, in the United States.

March with the PSC on May Day—Thurs., May 1, 5 pm

PSC, 2014 mayday17

Demand $5K for CUNY’s Low-Wage Workers — Demand Fair Contracts, Fair Wages and Job Security for All Working People

Adjuncts, full timers, faculty, and staff—we need your presence and your indomitable spirit at the May Day march and rally, Thurs., May 1, 5:00 p.m., starting at City Hall. RSVP here. As part of a national mobilization, academic unions like the PSC and UUP, are demanding a minimum starting salary of $5,000 per course for adjuncts. May Day, the international workers’ day of action, is the perfect time to make the $5K demand visible in our city and link the struggle of college adjuncts to that of New York’s other low-wage workers. It’s also a day to stand with our partners in the city labor movement who, like us, are working without a contract, and with immigration activists who, like us, are fighting for the NYS Dream Act and a better life for the next generation of New Yorkers. Click here to let us know you’ll be coming.

Plan to meet your PSC friends and colleagues at 4:30 p.m. at the southwest corner of Broadway and Chambers St. Download the May Day $5K flier and the general May Day flier.

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May Day Flier 2014.pdf 1.15 MB
MayDay 5k Turnout Flier.pdf 103.7 KB
Mayday $5K Rally, SUNY New Paltz, Thursday, May 1, noon
CACHE Chicago opens MayDay2014 with #Days of Rage

May 1-8 week of student, faculty & staff actions against the corporatization of education in Chicago and beyond.

RECLAIM EDUCATION – A Global Week of Action, May 1-8

We are calling for a Global Week of Action to reclaim education. The International Student Movement (ISM) is a platform consisting of many individuals and groups from different parts of the world.

UFA Adjunct Symposium (AFT), Philadelphia, April 19
St Louis Adjunct Symposium (SEIU), April 12
Marist College Rally Supporting Efforts to Unionize Adjuncts

Poughkeepsie NY, April 10 (via New Paltz UUP)

Adjunct Justice

stands with #not1more Day of Action, April 5 Protest / April 7 Hearings and Adjunct Pay Petition

Labor Notes Conference, Chicago, April 4-6.

2-5 pm Friday adjunct/ contingent faculty interest group meeting facilitated by Joe Berry. See link above for draft agenda.

Individual protest by Mary-Faith Cerasoli

Friday March 28 in Albany at the NY State Department of Education spreads through social media networks and online groups, emerging as grassroots movement and model of intuitive, spontaneous cooperation

SEIU National Town Hall, March 24, Washington D.C.


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  1. The PSC-CUNY Visits to Legislator’s Offices in NYC on May 1, May 2 is supposed to have been posted but it’s not here.

    1. It is but you have to follow the link. With all the Mayday announcements yet to come, we won’t have space on this page for extensive copy about al l of them. PSC-CUNY is welcome to submit a guest post for the posts (blog) section. We can link those to the listings.

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