July 13, 2014, Press Release: American Federation of Teachers Convention Highlights the Fight to Reclaim Higher Education. Highlights include:
  • Announced: new partnership with Freelancers Union, the nation’s largest union of freelance workers, which will help the AFT reclaim the promise of America for contingent faculty across the country.
  • Inaugural meeting,  July 12, 2014, of AFT Contingency Faculty Caucus, organizer and Interim Chair [Ed note: not included in Press Release]


Frank, Thomas, Congratulation, Class of 2014: You’re Totally Screwed, Salon, 5/18/14.

New York Times, The College Faculty Crisis (editorial), 4/14/14.

New York Times, Without Tenure or a Home, 3/30/14.

New York Times, The New College Campus, 2/17/14.

New York Times, More College Adjuncts See Strength in Union Numbers, 12/4/13.

PBS NewsHourIs Academia Suffering from “Adjunctivitis”? Low-paid Adjunct Professors Struggle to Make Ends Meet, 2/17/14.

PBS NewsHour, Homeless Professor Protests Conditions of Adjuncts, 3/31/14.

Peter Schmidt, Power in Numbers: Adjuncts Turn to Citywide Unionizing as their Best Hope, Chronicle of Higher Education, 4/15/14.

Precarity Dispatches (regularly updated, see feed viewer at bottom of pages)



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