AAUP, Resources on Contingent Appointments

adj-l. Contingent Academics Mailing List.

Adjunct Action, SEIU

Adjunct Justice Petition: Better Pay for Adjuncts

The Adjunct Project, Chronicle of Higher Education

Adjuncts Interviewing Adjuncts,  series by Joseph Fruscione in Inside Higher Ed.

AFT: Borrowing against the Future: The Hidden Costs of Financing U.S. Higher Education (via CCOP)

AFT, Just Ask!

AFT, Reclaim Higher Education

Becker, Lisa Liberty. “Class Warfare,” Boston Magazine, May 2014.

Berry, Joe.  Access to Unemployment Insurance Benefits for Contingent Faculty (Chicago COCAL 2008).

Berry, Joe. Reclaiming the Ivory Tower: Organizing Adjuncts to Change Higher Education (New York: Monthly Review Press & North American Alliance for Fair Employment, 2005).

Brown, PDG. “Class Warfare in Academe,” Inside Higher Ed, 12/19/13.

–. “Confessions of a Tenured Professor,” Inside Higher Ed, 5/11/10.

–, ed. Forum on Contingent Faculty at SUNY New Paltz: Where Are We Now? UUP, 2014.

Campus Equity Week

Coalition on the Academic Workforce (CAW)

Coalition of Contingent Academic Labor (COCAL)

CUNY Adjunct Project

The Delphi Project

Fores, Ana M., Academic Action: Adjunct Justice, CounterPunch, 1/21/14

Forum on Contingent Faculty at SUNY New Paltz, 10/30/13.

Hoeller, Keith. Equality for Contingent Faculty (Nashville: Vanderbilt UP, 2014).

House Committee on Education and the Workforce, The Just-in-Time Professor, January 2014.

Flaherty, Colleen. Congress Takes Note, Inside Higher Ed, 1/24/14.

Kezar, Adrianna. Higher ed disruptions doomed to fail without addressing state of the faculty, Inside Higher Ed, 12/6/13.

Kudera, Alex. Fight for Your Long Day: A Novel (Madison, NJ: Atticus Books, 2010).

Maisto, Maria, & June, Audrey Williams. To Improve Adjuncts’ Plight, ‘Step 1 is to Acknowledge the Problem,’ Chronicle of Higher Education, 2/17/14

New Faculty Majority: founded 2009 to improve the working conditions of higher education’s majority faculty

Pittsburgh Post-GazetteDeath of an Adjunct, 9/18/13.

Rhoades, Gary.  Adjunct Professors Are the New Working Poor. CNN, 9/25/13.

Samuels, Robert.  Why Public Higher Education Should Be Free (New Brunswick: Rutgers UP, 2013).

Schmidt, Peter.  Steve M. Street [Obituary and list of essays], Chronicle of HigherEducation, 8/17/12.

SEIU, Crisis at the Boiling Point: A Documentary Look at Adjunct Workplace Abuse and Recommendations for Federal Policy Change, November 2014.

Slot, Andrea Witzke. “It’s About More Than Money,” Chronicle of Higher Education, 2/19/14.

People, P1030013, X3


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